Enjoy Great Meals At These Four Chapel Hill NC Restaurants

Enjoy Great Meals At These Four Chapel Hill NC Restaurants

Chapel Hill, North Carolina is another one of the great cities in this beautiful state. North Carolina is for sure known for its cities, and you have found yourself visiting Chapel Hill. It’s a great city, and it features some wonderful restaurants that serve up delicious food. Did you know that while Chapel Hill has a population just over 50000, it is located in two counties. Let’s see which county you find yourself in when you visit these four Chapel Hill NC restaurants.

Al’s Burger Shack is #1 according to a top travel site, and I am leading off with it because good burgers sounds like a plan to me. Al’s Burger Shack is on West Franklin Street, and it is known for its potato rolls and quality beef. They also have custard, and if you know anything about custard, you know you are im for a great dessert.

Merritt’s Store is up next, and you can find it on South Columbia Street. Merritt’s Store is known for its sandwiches, and specifically for its sunflower bread. One of the specialties is a double bacon BLT, and it sounds absolutely delicious. This restaurant is also said to have quick service, which is great for a nice lunch. You can bet the locals like this place, so it might be busy when you go.

Are you ready for one of the best places to get breakfast in Chapel Hill NC? It is Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen, and it is found on East Franklin Street, and they serve up chicken biscuits, country ham and cinnamon roll, among many other great breakfast foods. I don’t know about you, but I want all three of those for sure. Breakfast sounds like a plan, and Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen sounds like the place.

The fourth and final Chapel Hill restaurant for this list is 411 West Italian Cafe. It is found on West Franklin Street, and it is a brunch place that serves up wood fired pizza. The breakfast foods look great, too. It’s interesting that 411 West Italian Cafe and Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen are on opposite ends of the same street. Looks like you’re going to get your fill of breakfast. Maybe have breakfast at the one and lunch at the other. Either way, you are going to enjoy some delicious meals while you are vacationing in Chapel Hill, and these four restaurants will get you started.

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